About Us

We are the
Government of Nigeria’s
in-house digital agency

We serve as a digital bridge between the Presidency and the Government of Nigeria on the one hand, and citizens, media and other stakeholders on the other. We make government information and data widely available, accessible and easily shareable.

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We develop and implement a digital strategy for effectively and consistently disseminating the policies and programmes of President Muhammadu Buhari and his administration.
We gather feedback from the citizens and general public, and present this feedback to the Presidency in a format that is insightful.
We support the Offices of the Special Adviser and Senior Special Assistants on Media and Publicity, using digital and new media tools.
We advise the Presidency and Government on digital communications, and propose ideas on how the Government and its agencies can use digital tools to more effectively meet the needs and expectations of citizens
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How We Operate

We are
Open & Credible

At PODE, we seek to operate in an open and credible manner, bringing useful information and context to the lives of the citizens we serve. Our goal is to meet citizens and stakeholders wherever they might be, and deliver content in the formats in which they are already accustomed to, and in the languages they speak and understand.

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The Digital Government Internship Scheme (DGI) is our flagship scheme to build a pipeline of digital communications talent for the Government of Nigeria.
What We Do

Our Work

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